Could YOU beat Mighty Smith?

Win £1000 at the Silloth Vintage Rally, with the Mighty Smith Strongman Challenge.

Adrian Smith aka Mighty Smith, who came 5th in the World’s Strongest
Man & three times Winner of UK’s Strongest Man Competition, will be
visiting the Silloth Vintage Rally with the Mighty Smith Show on Sunday
9th June.

About Mighty Smith
Height: 5` 10″
Weight: 19 stone
Biceps: 20″
Chest: 54″

The show will see Mighty Smith ripple his muscles as he: tears up
catalogues, bends six inch nails in his teeth, holds a chair with a
seated lady on it with his teeth and complete a vehicle pull.

Mighty Smith has organised a £1,000 open challenge if anyone can perform all the feats of strength that he does in his act.

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